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Will I Have to Go to Court?

Will I Have to Go to Court?

We all lead busy lives and many of us often balk at the thought of having to go to court and endure a personal injury trial. However, you do not necessarily have to go through the drama of a trial in order to obtain compensation for your injuries. The fact is that most cases are able to settle out of the courtroom since it is generally more expensive for an insurance company to go to trial. That said, it is crucial to look at any offers made to you with a critical eye along with the help of a personal injury attorney. Your attorney will be able to provide an estimate of your claim’s value, so you are not left in the dark wondering if an offer is adequate enough to cover your injuries.

Why Do So Many Cases Settle Out of Court?

The main reason why most cases end up settling out of court is, of course, for monetary reasons. Insurance companies understand that they will have to pay out claims now and then and are prepared to do so. Going through a trial, however, is vastly more expensive than simply negotiating a settlement offer. Moreover, during a trial, the insurance company has no control over the outcome, which makes it a risky proposition.

That said, in rare cases, or when catastrophic injuries are involved, the insurance company might rather go through a trial if a lot of money is at stake and they are unwilling to be reasonable during negotiations.

Who Benefits From Settling?

Settling a personal injury lawsuit and foregoing a trial is beneficial for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Neither party knows what the outcome will be if they go to court, which is a big risk people often do not want to take. With a skilled attorney on your side who knows how to negotiate, you will be able to secure maximum compensation without having to go through a trial.

For plaintiffs, settling out of court is particularly beneficial since it allows them to collect compensation sooner, so they can pay for the costs associated with their injuries and lessen the financial burden.

When Settlements Fail

If the insurance company is being unreasonable and will not settle for an amount that is fair, one of the best courses of actions a plaintiff can take is to begin court filings to get their attention. Once the insurance company sees the ball rolling on court proceedings, they will think twice about their actions and will be more likely to settle. If they still refuse to settle, however, it is important to have an attorney who is just as adept inside of the courtroom as they are outside.

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If you were injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, do not try to deal with the insurance company on your own. At Parker Alexander, we will negotiate on your behalf and help you obtain the compensation you deserve while helping you avoid litigation. However, in the event that your case must go to court, we are prepared to provide the fierce legal representation you deserve.

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