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Surgical errors are some of the most serious medical mistakes. When surgeons and attending medical professionals fail to provide an acceptable standard of care, patients can experience devastating consequences—from permanent, irreversible injuries to worsened conditions to life-threatening infections.

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Common Surgical Errors & Their Causes

According to most reports, including a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), an estimated 4,000 surgical errors occur every year in the U.S. The study notes that most surgical errors take place before or after the procedure rather than in the operating room.

Some of the most common surgical errors include:

  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Performing the wrong surgery
  • Left-behind objects/instruments
  • Poor follow-up care
  • Medication mistakes, including anesthesia errors
  • Robotic surgery errors
  • Damage to nearby organs/structures
  • Failure to monitor the patient during surgery

These and other surgery mistakes can have serious implications, leading to lasting injuries, serious conditions, and death.

While there are many causes of surgical errors, negligence and wrongful conduct are two of the most common factors.

Specifically, some of the most common causes of surgical errors include:

  • Poor communication between individuals/departments
  • Deviation from or absence of standardized procedures/rules
  • Insufficient training and/or education
  • Distractions in the operating room
  • Staffing issues, including understaffing leading to rushed procedures
  • Improper preparation prior to surgery
  • Lack of adequate imaging equipment
  • Multiple surgeons performing a single procedure

To bring a medical malpractice lawsuit, you will need to prove that the surgeon or another person/party deviated from the standard of acceptable care. It’s important that you work with a knowledgeable attorney who can investigate your case and build supporting evidence on your behalf.

Can You Sue for a Failed Surgery?

A poor outcome does not necessarily indicate medical negligence. In other words, just because a surgery is not successful, this does not automatically mean that you are a victim of medical malpractice. Rather, to file a lawsuit after an unsuccessful surgery, you will have to do more than prove the surgery failed—you will have to prove that a medical provider’s substandard care caused your injuries and/or damages.

A successful surgical error lawsuit depends on proving the following elements:

  • A doctor-patient relationship existed
  • The doctor failed to provide the accepted standard of care
  • You or your loved one was injured
  • The doctor’s substandard care was the cause of your injuries/damages

Proving these elements often requires the expert testimony of medical professionals and other witnesses. At Parker Alexander, we work with a team of specialists to build our clients’ cases and draw on our decades of experience and success in this area of law.

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