• Personal Injury

    • I Cannot Come into Your Office, What Can I Do?
      At Parker Alexander, we offer a variety of options for our clients that cannot make it directly into our Monroe office. We can come to you in your home or hospital, as well as schedule special appointments after hours or on the weekends. Let us know how we can accommodate your needs!
    • I Am Not Sure If I Have A Case, What Do I Do?
      The best way to determine the validity of your case is to contact Parker Alexander and schedule a free consultation with our Monroe personal injury attorneys. We can help determine if you can obtain compensation for your injuries.
    • What Experience Does Parker Alexander Have to Help Me?
      When you work with our office, you will be working directly with attorneys that have decades of experience handling complex cases. We hold various prestigious awards and accolades and have successfully litigated for our clients in the state of Louisiana. More than that, we have helped obtain millions in compensation for our clients.
    • How Long Will the Legal Process Take?
      Each case is unique. Without speaking directly with a personal injury attorney from Parker Alexander, we cannot give an exact estimate of time; however, most cases can be considered complete anywhere between a few months and a year from the time the claim is filed. There is a statute of limitations on bringing cases before a court though, which is why it is important you contact our office right away.
    • Do I Need an Injury Attorney for My Case?
      In most cases involving serious personal injuries, medical negligence, wrongful death, or other complications, it is highly encouraged that you work with an attorney. Legal representation can not only guide you in the right direction but help you obtain compensation for the wrongs that you have endured. Additionally, lawyers will fight for your rights as a victim and never leave you facing large corporations and insurance companies alone.
    • Do I Still Have a Claim If My Health Insurance Paid for My Medical Bills?
      Yes, you may still file a personal injury claim even if your health insurance provider paid for your medical bills. You are entitled to the full value of your medical treatment. Meaning, the actual cost of treatment, not just the co-pay and deductible. Insurance carriers will attempt to reduce your damages by offering to pay out of pocket expenses. Do not allow your insurance company to treat you unfairly. Let us help you ensure you recover fair and just compensation.
    • How Do I Determine the Value of My Claim?
      The amount of monetary compensation you are entitled to is dependent upon the unique circumstances involved in your case. Contact our attorneys today to schedule a consultation. We will review your case and determine what damages you’re entitled to recover.
    • What Damages Am I Entitled to Recover?
      If you have suffered an injury and require medical treatment, we can help you obtain compensation for past and future medical treatment. Additionally, we can recover past and future lost wages. General damages such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, and emotional stress are also recoverable. In some cases, clients will be entitled to punitive damages (damages intended to punish the wrongdoer when the wrongdoer’s actions were reckless or intentional).