3 Things That Make Holidays More Dangerous for Drivers

traffic on the road

All year long, there are many hazards on the road that cause accidents (around 6 million each year), but there are some factors that increase the amount of negligence around the holidays. There are many reasons this may occur, and you should make sure you’re taking steps to stay careful should you intend to be on the roads this holiday season.

1. Drunk Drivers on the Road

Did you know that around 300 people suffer fatal injuries in accidents around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays? Throughout December, roughly 27 people die each day in December because of drunk driving accidents.

More people are drinking around the holidays because of the celebrations of the time. Unfortunately, few people rely on rideshares because they feel they can drive after a few drinks. Remember, even buzzed drivers can cause significant accidents.

2. Increased Traffic & Rideshares

Around the holidays, more people are traveling and out shopping, which often leads to an increased number of cars on the roads and highways. The more traffic there is, the more opportunities for potential car accidents.

Holidays can also bring out more rideshare drivers. These drivers are often distracted on the road. They stop suddenly in places where they shouldn’t, and they scan the sidewalks for passengers. While many are safe, there are some who are just as negligent as those who rely on them when fatigued or intoxicated.

3. Bad Weather Conditions

As weather worsens, it becomes more difficult for drivers to operate safely on the road. Visibility issues arise, tires may lose traction on slippery roads, and people may lose control. Drivers must take extra precautions to be as safe as possible in these matters, driving slowly, giving space to other vehicles, and more.

At Parker Alexander, we know just how dangerous the roads can be around the holidays. Our Monroe car accident attorneys are here to help you through the process if you suffer injuries because of a negligent driver. Let us help you.

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