4 Telltale Signs of a Drunk Driver

drunk driver

On the road, there are numerous dangers that can arise, but one of the most serious acts of negligence is drunk driving. This is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and it can lead to some of the most catastrophic injuries possible.

As a driver, you must pay close attention to the actions of others, including potential signs of drunk driving. If you have a clear understanding of drunk driving signs, you can avoid these very dangerous drivers and protect yourself on the road.

1. Swerving Between Lanes

Drunk drivers are often also fatigued, and they may doze off at the wheel. It’s easy for someone who is intoxicated to swerve into other lanes. Whether it’s in the lane next to them driving the same way or oncoming traffic, a drunk driver who swerves into multiple lanes can cause a devastating crash.

2. Slowing Down and Speeding Up Randomly

When you’re driving behind a drunk driver, you may notice him or her slowing down and speeding up, even with no other vehicles in front of them. This may be due to a sudden realization that the driver is going too slow and they speed up more than they should. In any case, if it keeps happening, be sure to stay back.

3. Erratic Braking

Drunk drivers lose depth perception and reaction time when they’re behind the wheel, so erratic braking can become a real problem. A drunk driver may brake with no vehicles immediately in front of them. Make sure you give the drunk driver space and report them if you notice them braking quite often.

4. Driving Without Lights at Night

During the night, drivers must turn on their headlights. Unfortunately, when someone is intoxicated, they may forget to do so. This makes them very dangerous as you may not see them. This negligence can lead to a severe crash.

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