What are Prescription Errors?

prescription medication

Throughout all departments of a medical facility, doctors and nurses see countless patients each day. Doctors diagnose many conditions, and they write multiple prescriptions. In this time frame, however, there’s plenty of room for error.

Prescription errors come in many forms, and patients must understand their rights to pursue legal action against a medical facility and doctor for negligence. Here are some of the different problems regarding prescription errors and how they happen.

Prescribing the Wrong Medication

Doctors must ensure they are prescribing patients the correct medication for the condition they have. When the doctor misdiagnoses an illness, he or she may prescribe the wrong medication, and instead, the patient may not receive treatment.

Prescribing the Wrong Dosage

Every prescription has a specific dosage outlined for the patient receiving it. This dosage typically falls in line with the requirement for a condition. However, prescribing too much or too little of a medication can have a disastrous effect on the patient.

The patient may not receive enough of the medication, causing pain to persist, or the patient gets too much of a drug. In this case, there is a possibility of an overdose depending on the type of medication.

Allergic/Adverse Reactions

Not all patients respond well to medications. Some patients have allergies that, when they take a specific prescription, can cause significant harm. Some patients are already taking medication, and the new prescription may not react well when used at the same time.

The adverse reactions of prescription medication can cause severe internal issues, heart problems, and more.

When you receive a prescription from a doctor, it must be the right medication and dosage. The doctor must ensure he or she is aware of allergies, existing medications, and an accurate diagnosis.

At Parker Alexander, we’re well-aware of how you may suffer harm due to a prescription error. Our Monroe medical malpractice lawyers work hard to help you understand your rights and legal options. We go above and beyond to pursue the compensation you need to move forward.

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