The 6 Steps You Must Take After a Car Accident

woman reporting her car accident

One common mistake that people make after a car accident is not knowing what to do to protect themselves in the process. Unfortunately, the shock and awe in the aftermath of a crash can make it challenging to do some of the most important things. As a result, you can have your claim denied by unethical insurance companies and their tactics.

The six steps we will detail below provide you the most beneficial way of safeguarding your claim following a crash. When you take these essential steps, you can file a claim with confidence and seek the compensation you deserve.

The 6 steps you should take include:

  1. Call 911 and report the crash
  2. Exchange insurance and other important information
  3. Document the collision with photos
  4. Speak with any witnesses
  5. Seek medical care
  6. Hire a lawyer

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1. Call 911 and Report the Crash

Contact local authorities after your crash, especially if you sustain significant injuries and property damage. Having local law enforcement on the scene allows you to gain an accident report with statements to add some clarity to your situation, and the officer’s determination of the other party’s fault will be helpful to any later property damage or injury claim. Authorities can also help keep you safe by navigating traffic and calling emergency medical technicians to the accident scene if necessary.

2. Exchange Insurance and Other Important Information

Speak with the other driver in a cordial manner and exchange all critical information about the crash. Above all else, you want to have the other driver’s insurance policy number and their provider’s name. You should also get the other driver’s contact information.

3. Document the Collision with Photos

If you are physically capable of doing so, take detailed photos of your crash to help build your case. Take pictures that show the:

  • Accident location, including signs of negligence (tire marks, missing signals, etc.)
  • Position of each vehicle and damages sustained
  • Visible injuries indicating how severe they are

The more photos you have to build your case, the better it can be for your case. An accident reconstructionist can utilize these photos to help show who was at fault.

4. Speak with Any Witnesses

If anyone saw the crash, speak with them, and see if they will provide a statement. While insurance adjusters may try to discredit witnesses, if you can get a signed statement from someone who saw the crash, your legal team can utilize this to its fullest.

5. Seek Medical Care

Your health should always remain your top priority. After a crash, it’s vital to seek medical care as quickly as possible. You may not feel like you have an injury at the accident scene, but that’s often due to adrenaline and latency issues. Seeking medical care helps start your treatment and safeguards your rights.

6. Hire a Lawyer

A lawyer is imperative after any car accident. Even when reporting your crash to your own insurance company, a lawyer can help protect you from any situation where insurance adjusters try to take advantage of a vulnerable situation. A lawyer can fully utilize various resources that focus on maximizing the compensation you may recover for your damages.

When it comes to providing the highest level of representation, our Monroe car accident attorneys go above and beyond to pursue the compensation you deserve. At Parker Alexander, we focus on your rights and well-being. We will always stand in your corner and guide you through the process with confidence, allowing you to focus on your recovery while we handle the legal matters on your behalf.

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