How Does Drinking Impact a Person’s Ability to Drive?

drunk driver

Drunk driving is negligence. Intoxication can significantly impair a person’s abilities and many of the functions that they use while driving. Unfortunately, countless drivers still make the decision to drink before they get behind the steering wheel. As a result, drunk driving accidents result in some of the most devastating and life-altering injuries imaginable.

Reduced Reaction Time

Intoxication can significantly impair a person’s reaction time. For instance, if you have to brake for a changing traffic light suddenly, a drunk driver behind you may not react in time. The result is often a rear-end collision because the driver behind you is intoxicated.

Vision Impairment

When someone is intoxicated, they often have blurred vision or altered visual perception. Drunk drivers may blink much more or close their eyes for a more extended period of time when blinking. Vision impairment can be much more dangerous at night.

Cognitive Disabilities

A person’s cognitive abilities detail their focus and concentration. Unfortunately, intoxication can negatively impact a person’s cognitive abilities, and they lose focus on driving. Drinking can also cause drowsiness, which is another way drivers can lose focus on their actions.

Depth Perception and Tracking Problems

An intoxicated driver may have a much more challenging time tracking other vehicles and traffic signs. They may also have trouble determining how close they are to another vehicle or structure. The result of these disabilities can be a severe and devastating crash.

Thousands of individuals are victims of drunk driving accidents each year. Unfortunately, because these crashes can also include high speeds, those victims often sustain some of the most severe injuries. Seeking compensation is vital.

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